Our products

Iconography is not only an art but also a process of spiritual enrichment which leads our minds and hearts to God in a unique way. At Christian Icons you purchase a high-quality reproduction of ancient icons from iconography workshop of St. Anthony from Ukraine. We pursue the centuries-old traditions of well-known iconographers. You can purchase copies of ancient icons made by special technology. 

Among our icons is the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Volodymyr (Vyshhorod) from the twelfth century, the icon of the Holy Trinity of Andriy Rublev from the fifteenth century, the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help from the fifteenth century, the Holy Family, and the Hodegetria of Our Lady of Krasiv from the fifteenth century.


In our production of icons, our partners employ original techniques dating back to ancient monasteries including those of the monastery of St. Pantaleon, always using the best possible tools. Our icons are created on a traditional wooden base and are set in levkas, a chalk-based natural glue, and gold background. Afterwards, the iconographer, using natural paints, transcribes the blessed image which is an exact copy of the original. Upon completion of the transcription, a few finishing touches are incorporated following special techniques of the St. Pantaleon monastery, giving the icon a truly mystical and ancient appearance. Thanks to this technique, natural cracks begin to appear on the icons, replicating original icons of the medieval period.

Icons which are made in our workshop all come with a certificate bearing our seal, attesting to their originality and the authenticity of our technology. Only a certificate and seal can act as a guarantee of the high and long-standing quality of our icons.


This certificate along with the seal of the workshop bear witness to the uniqueness and individuality of our technology. We treat our customers with deep respect and understanding. The greatest satisfaction that we can have is to see the joy on the faces of people who received an icon on their birthday or name-day, newlyweds smiling on their wedding day as they hold an icon for their blessing, and families sincerely praying in front of their icons at home. We will be glad to assist you and attend to all of your questions and concerns.

God’s blessings and peace to you and your families!