Icon “Pope John Paul II” - Christian Icons
Icon “Pope John Paul II” - Christian Icons

Icon “Pope John Paul II”

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This is a copy of the famous icon of Pope John Paul II, he holds the cross-crucifix in his left hand, and his right hand extends in blessing. "Open the door for Christ, do not be afraid," became the motto of all of his pontificate. Pope John Paul II set out to unite the world, make it more kind and merciful, closer to the needs of mankind. John Paul II gained the commitment of millions with simplicity, sincere smile, and the ability to be a good pastor. In 2011, Pope John Paul II was canonized. In front of the icon, ask for God's grace for help in trials, healing from spiritual and bodily ailments, for peace, and strengthening in faith.

Size 6.7’’ х 9’’ (17cm х 23cm)

Size 9’’ х 13’’ (23cm х 33cm)

Size 13’’ х 18’’ (33cm х 46cm)

HANDMADE. The thickness of wood 2 cm (0.79’’)

Made In Ukraine.




The icon is created on a traditional wooden base with set of levkas, a chalk-based natural glue, and a painted background. The icon is printed on a silk canvas and the final details are hand-painted by the iconographer. High-quality icon, with bright colors and the icon, seems like a hand-painted icon. Upon completion of the transcription, a few finishing touches are incorporated following special techniques of the St. Pantaleon monastery. Icons that are made in our workshop all come with a certificate bearing our seal, attesting to their originality and the authenticity of our technology. Only a certificate and seal can be a guarantee of the high and long-standing quality of our icons.